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Korean Fiction Reader (2011)
North Korean Reader (2010)
Korean Newspaper Reader (2007)
English French Spanish German Dictionary (2006)
A Handbook of Korean Verbal Conjugation (2004)
A Historical Literary and Cultural Approach to the Korean Language (2000)
프랑스어 동사변화안내 La Conjugaison des Verbes (1999)
Viking Dreams:  Mythological and Religious Dream Symbolism in the Old Norse Sagas (1994)
Korean Zen Legends Illustrated in Temple Murals (Complete Translation)

Please note that the original and more correct spelling of my family name is Argüelles and that I have used this in many of my publications, so you may have to try both Arguelles and Argüelles in order to find my works in various catalogues. 

Korean Fiction Reader Korean Fiction Reader
Publisher:  Dunwoody Press, scheduled for publication in 2011
Number of Pages: 

This is my current project.  It will be similar to the Korean Newspaper Reader and the North Korean Reader described below in that it is aimed at advanced ILR levels 3 and above, and its content will chronicle the development of the modern short story from the post-WWII period to the present day.

North Korean Reader

North Korean Reader

Publisher:  Dunwoody Press, 2010
Book: www.dunwoodypress.com
Audio: In production
ISBN:  978-1-931546-76-8
Number of Pages:  206

Sample pagess: (downloadable pdf preface)
This advanced level reader is intended for Korean language students at ILR levels 3 and 4+. The book presents 17 selections from various North Korean scholarly and academic journals published in late 2007, and the translations of these articles can serve as a sourcebook of insight into the mindset of the North Korean intelligentsia even for those who are not studying the language.

Korean Newspaper Reader

Korean Newspaper Reader

Publisher:  Dunwoody Press, 2007
Book: www.dunwoodypress.com
Audio: www.dunwoodypress.com
ISBN:  978-1-931546-37-9
Number of Pages:  293

Introduction: (downloadable pdf introduction)
This reader presents fifty selections from Korean newspaper articles that appeared between 2004 and 2007. Half the articles are from North Korean sources, half from South Korean ones, and they alternate in that order on the same subject matter, or at least on similar themes, throughout the reader. The main focus has naturally and inevitably been on the tense military and political situation of the divided peninsula, but an effort has been made to include as broad a range of other topics as this limited space will permit.

English French Spanish German Dictionary

English French Spanish German Dictionary
Publisher:  Librairie du Liban, 2006
Text:  www.ldlp.com
ISBN:  9953-86-056-4
Number of pages:  735

Preface: (downloadable pdf preface)
Given the obvious value of a comprehensive multilingual dictionary, there have been relatively few attempts at compiling one.  While most of those that have been offered in the past have been quite interesting for the philologically minded to peruse, they have been of little practical use, for they have most often been simple word lists with scant accompanying grammatical information and no real effort to distinguish between various employments of the same word. 

A Handbook of Korean Verbal Conjugation

A Handbook of Korean Verbal Conjugation
Co-author:  Jongrok Kim
Publisher:  Dunwoody Press, 2004
Text: www.dunwoodypress.com
ISBN:  1-931546-03-7
Number of Pages:  311

Preface: (downloadable pdf introduction)
The purpose of this book is both to provide a systematic overview of the mechanics of the Korean verbal system and to provide paradigmatic reference charts for the conjugation of both regular verbs and of all classes of irregular verbs.

Historical Literary Cultural

A Historical, Literary, and Cultural Approach to the Korean Language
Co-author:  Jongrok Kim
Publisher:  Hollym, 2000
Text and Cassettes:  www.hollym.com
ISBN:  1-56591-151-2
Number of pages:  318

Preface: (downloadable pdf introduction)
Because the grammar, morphology, syntax, phonetics, social-linguistic aspects, script, and vocabulary of Korean are all vastly different from those of any Indo-European language, Korean is a particularly difficult language for Westerners to acquire.  The number of foreigners who have ever successfully learned the language is quite small.  For every one who does so, there are scores of others who live in the country for years or even decades without even gaining a foothold in it.

La Conjugaison des Verbes

프랑스동사변화안내 La Conjugaison des Verbes
Publisher: 신아사, 1999

Text:  http://book.interpark.com
ISBN:  89-3896-066-3
Number of pages:  345

A complete guide to the conjugation of French verbs for Korean students of French.

Viking Dreams: Mythological and Religious Dream Symbolism in the Old Norse Saga

Viking Dreams:  Mythological and Religious Dream Symbolism in the Old Norse Sagas
University of Chicago Doctoral Dissertation, 1994
UMI Dissertation Services Order Number:  9425353 www.umi.com
Number of Pages:  460

Advisor:  Wendy Doniger, Mircea Eliade Professor of the History of Religions

Abstract: (downloadable pdf introduction)
Prevailing scholarly consensus is that the symbols, themes, and presentation of dreams in the Old Norse sagas are derived from medieval Christian culture in general and from the Somniale Danielis, a medieval symbolic dreambook, in particular.  My thesis is that Norse dreams are not derivative from this work, but are reflective of a separate oneirocritic tradition that is rooted in pre-Christian Scandinavian pagan mythological imagery. 

Korean Zen Legends Illustrated in Temple Murals
In the eight years that I lived in South Korea, there were so many places that I enjoyed visiting that I would not have known how to choose one in particular as my favorite.  Now that I have not lived there for over five years, however, the one that surges forward most often in my memories is Haeinsa—not only the temple complex with its meditation retreat center and its open air library housing the Tripitaka Koreana woodblocks, but also the many outlying smaller shrines and hermitages connected to it by the trails through the beautiful nature of Mount Gaya.  On my first retreat there, I discovered a volume of tales, arranged by the monk Hyun Chang, about the murals around the main temple, which had been photographed in rich detail by Choo Myongdok.  I hereby offer the text of my translation of this work so that more can visit this magical place in spirit.  In the Korean original, there is a full-color illustration accompanying each tale.  I can include only a small sample of those illustrations here on this web site, but I hope that some day a publisher of Buddhist and/or East Asian artwork will see fit to produce a hard copy of the entire work on the same kind of beautiful glossy paper as the original:

Part I: Jataka Tales (downloadable pdf Jataka Tales)

part II. The People Whom Siddhartha met at the Four Gates:  The Four Gate Connection
II. Siddhartha Abandons the Palace and Becomes an Ascetic:  Renouncing Sexuality
III. Six Years in the Snow-Covered Mountains:  Spiritual Exercises in the Snowy Mountains
IV. Siddhartha Rolls the Wheel of Truth:  The Primary Rule of Change
V. Becoming Queen:  The Story of Lady Malli
VI. The Unfailing Light of Virtuous Deeds:  A Poor Woman’s Lamp
VII. The Buddha Worships a Skeleton:  The Way to Repay One’s Obligations to One’s Parents
VIII. Nanda Sees the Sights of Heaven and Hell:  Nanda Enters the Priesthood
IX. Making a Necklace with Severed Fingers:  A Devilish Murderer Becomes a Believer
X. This is What I Heard:  The Origin of the Sutra
XI. Falling to Hell Alive:  Devadatah’s Rebellion
XII. A Boy who Consecrated Sand to the Buddha:  The Story of King Ashoka’s Previous Life
XIII. The Face of the Utmost Seeker:  The Story of the Buddha Shakyamuni’s Previous Life
XIV. In Order to Rescue Others:  The Story of the Golden Deer
XV. For the Sake of a Single Verse:  The Story of a Youth in the Snow-Covered Mountains
XVI. For the Sake of a Starving Tiger:  The Story of Crown Prince Chondanmaje
XVII. Giving the Most Beloved Thing:  The Story of Crown Prince Sudena

Part II:  Korean Buddhist Legends (downloadable pdf Korean Buddhist Legends)

part II

I. A Tree Growing on One’s Back:  A Tale About the Four Utensils Used in Buddhist Services
II. Under the Influence of Five Drops of Honey:  A Metaphor for Life
III. Two Brothers on a Desert Island:  The Past Life of the Goddess of Mercy
IV. A Young Boy who Ascended to Heaven Riding a Wooden Horse:  The Story of the Ahjabang in Chilboolam
V. A Man who was Cured of an Incurable Disease:  Sejo the Great and a Young Boy
VI. Moving a Residential Temple from one Province to Another:  The Wondrous Deed of Priest Boduck
VII. The Establishment of Haein Temple:  The Story of Priest Soonweung and Priest Yijung
VIII. The Story of the Foundation of Naewon Temple:  The Miracle of the Venerable Wonhyo
IX. Dreaming a Strange Dream:  The First Story of the Venerable Muhak and Yi Sungkye
X. In Order to Deify Five Hundred Arahats:  The Second Story of the Venerable Muhak and Yi Sungkye
XI. From Kanghwa Island to Haein Temple:  The Conveyance of the Tripitaka Koreana [The complete Buddhist canon on 80,000 wooden printing blocks]
XII. Meeting a Three-Eyed King:  The Origin of the Sakan Tripitaka
XIII. A Monk who Used to Ride a Tiger:  The Story of Priest Hwanjuck
XIV. Reading Buddhist Writings to Cows:  The Story of Hansan and Seupdeuk

Part III: Stories of the Zen Masters (downloadable pdf Stories of the Zen Masters)

part III
I. Crossing the River Down by the Reed Leaves:  The Story of the Venerable Dharma
II. Attaining Truth at the Price of Cutting off an Arm:  The Story of the Venerable Hyega
III. Coming Back to Life After Three Years:  The Story of the Venerable Dharma
IV. A Woodcutter’s Enlightenment:  The First Story of the Venerable Hyeneng
V. Do Not Think about Good or Evil:  The Second Story of the Venerable Hyeneng
VI. Like a Bee Laboring to Pierce Through a Paper Window:  The Story of the Venerable Shinchan
VII. Tempted by a Kisaeng:  The Zen Priests Teachun and Han Toiji
VIII. The Disciples Who Became Cranes:  The Story of the Venerable Hakreukna
IX. Teaching by Holding up One Finger:  The Story of the Venerable Guji
X. Taking a Seat On Top of a Tree:  The Venerable Dorim and Baeknakchen
XI. A Face That Has No Anger:  The Story of the Venerable Muchak
XII. An Incarnation of the Bodhisattva:  The Story of the Venerable Cloth Bag

Part IV: Buddhism Takes Root in Korea (downloadable pdf Buddhism Takes Root in Korea)

part IVI. Buddhism in the Kingdom of Koguryo:  Many Famous High Priests are Trained
II. Buddhism in the Kingdom of Baekjae:  Preaching Buddhism in Japan
III. Buddhism in the Kingdom of Shilla:  The Golden Age of Buddhism
IV. The First Martyr:  Venerable Lee Chadon
V. Drinking Water from a Skull:  The Story of the Venerable Wonhyo
VI. The Profound Meaning of Hwaumkyoung:  The Story of the Venerable Weesang
VII. Live for a Day and Then Die:  The Spirit of the Religious Laws of the Venerable Zajang
VIII. Commandments for the World:  The Sesokohkye of Priest Wonkwang
IX. Carrying a Burning Brazier on his Head:  The Venerable Hyetong and the Venerable Mooway (Fearlessness)
X. Entering a Perfect State of Spiritual Concentration:  The Story of the Venerable Heerang
XI. Changing the Location of a Cauldron Nine Times:  The Story of the Venerable Goojung (Nine-Kettles)
XII. The Era of the Suppression of Buddhism:  The Story of the Venerable Bowoo

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